What is OCB roll kit about?
OCB have always tried to make their consumers’ life easier thanks to constant innovation, offering them easy to use and convenient products.

The iconic brand now showcases a new innovative product: a rolling kit that will delight all rolling paper lovers, called OCB Virgin Paper Roll Kit.

This Roll Kit is made out of 32 unbleached cardboard filters, 32 Slim paper leaves and a convenient foldable rolling tray to store the goods, all secured with a handy rubber band to keep it all together.

This is a total game changer!

The OCB Roll Kit is part of OCB Virgin range and is made with the natural unbleached paper, naturally brown, and gummed with OCB natural acacia gum.

Want to know more about OCB Natural Ranges?

They are all inspired by nature.
The papers are completely vegan and animal friendly, so no animal testing has been used in their elaboration. Virgin papers come from FSC™ certified wood sources for a more sustainable use of forests; it also is GM-free and vegan.

This chlorine-free paper undergoes no whitening processes hence its natural brown color. We do not use dyes to produce it.

The gum used in every OCB Virgin Paper leaf comes from natural source: the acacia trees in Africa. The packaging is printed with vegetable based inks for a more ecofriendly impact.