“Acacia, the roots of Kenya” a documentary of OCB inspired by nature

Since 1918 OCB has gummed their rolling papers with natural Acacia gum, an extract from the Acacia Senegal tree, found mostly in the harsh Sub-Saharan part of Africa. The gum is collected by hand without damaging or cutting the tree. Simultaneously, Kenya has seen some of the worst deforestation rates in years they are now at a staggering 7.4% of forest coverage percentage, which is far from the recommended global minimum of 10%.

In June 2019, OCB travelled to Nairobi to make a donation of over 600kg of tree seeds to an organization dedicated to fight against deforestation: Seedballs Kenya represented by Teddy Kinjanjui. Seedballs is an innovative way to encapsulate seeds in a protective coat (charcoal dust) to guarantee its germination selecting the species that under the right conditions will germinate and become trees.

During the trip OCB realized the role that the Acacia tree can play in reverting climate change and desertification in Kenya, and also what this tree represents for the community. Together with Seedballs Kenya and a crew made of OCB correspondents the documentary was filmed during an expedition that took them from Nairobi; where the Seedballs are manufactured; all the way up to the South Horr; where native tribes collect the gum for personal gain; and back to Nanjuki where small local industries create business opportunities for their community, specially for the women.

The journey came to its end in South of Nairobi for the aerial seeding donation, where OCB embarked on an airplane and took a roundtrip to a remote location where trees have been cut down. In just 20 minutes, 40.000 Seedballs were spread out expecting that 10-20% will grow into big trees. This is part of OCB contribution to help replant the Acacia forests of Kenya, watch full documentary:

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