OCB joins forces with elrow to take its festivals to another level

Get ready for an epic collaboration between OCB and elrow that is sure to elevate your festival experience. At OCB we are proud to announce our partnership with elrow for 2024, which already began in 2022 with Monegros Desert Festival, and which we have expanded to many more countries and cities.

OCB with elrowelrow not only organizes music festivals, it is a parallel universe full of surprises and adventures where you are transported to alternative worlds. Each area is transformed into a unique themed kingdom, from enchanted forests to underwater worlds, from psychedelic dreams to futuristic utopias, your imagination is the limit.

OCB with elrowThis year we will be present in elrow Town with the concept “Welcome to Rowderland”; where magic and fun are found around every corner. A place where the unexpected is the norm and each experience is a unique adventure. In Rowderland, boundaries are blurred and creativity is unleashed in all its splendor with the help of OCB.

At the beginning of April, from April 4 to 7, we already participated in the Snowrow in Andorra. There were 4 days of non-stop dancing and skiing, hiding gifts from OCB in the mountains of GrandValira. In addition, we will continue to be present in Monegros Desert Festival with a very special format and at the Amnesia parties in Ibiza.

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