OCB is constantly working on developing new papers designed to the highest quality standards and also to give the best natural experience to the user.

OCB natural ranges have been growing since the launch of OCB Organic Hemp in 2009, the first paper ever produced with 100% organic hemp fibers grown in an eco-friendly way in a cooperative farm in France. This success was followed by Virgin in 2013, an ultra-thin naturally brown paper made from wood fibers sourced from responsibly managed forests. And then, OCB Bamboo paper range made out of sustainably harvested bamboo, a weed that grows fast and generates 35% more oxygen than regular trees.

The 3 ranges characteristics are:

  • Unbleached papers: papers are made with no bleaching processes, no chlorine, no dyes, no chalk and no additives.
  • Acacia gum: we only use acacia gum and we guarantee that it is natural, vegan, GMO-free.
  • Sustainable fibers: our natural papers are made from sustainable fibers:
    wood, flax, bamboo and hemp.
  • Packaging: we lessen our environmental impact by using compact packaging, vegetable inks and recycled cardboard.

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