OCB is one of the world’s largest producer of rolling papers, filters, tubes, and other smoking accessories for the RYO-MYO market. The brand has already developed eco-designed products, that strives to respect nature and the environment.

When OCB launched its eco filters and its unbleached and biodegradable paper filters in 2010, the company was well ahead of the market and these filters have been a great success. The positive reaction of the market demonstrates the consumer interest for environmentally friendly alternatives.

Today, as an alternative to acetate filters, OCB launches an innovative new 100% paper filter. The brand’s ecological sensitivity is at the origin of the creation of this filter, which represents a new step in the development of products reducing their environmental impact.

Paper filters are not the only one solution to environmental problems, but this is a step forward.

OCB is proud to offer a rolling filter made of 100% paper. These filter tips are designed without plastic, they are biodegradable according to NF EN14995 norm and disintegrate in water (in particular seas and oceans). The pollution of discarded butts is a real concern for consumers and regulators. OCB is addressing this issue by offering environmentally products which should of course be disposed of in the trash.

These eco-friendly RYO filter tips are of high quality. They have a white appearance, offer an excellent filtration, all without any plastic components. These new paper filters are made from FSC™ fibers and other materials of controlled origin.

To present a completely consistent product, these 100% paper filters are packaged in a paper bag, printed with vegetable inks which is recyclable.



  • Plastic free, the filters disintegrate in water.
  • Biodegradable according to NF EN14995 norm.
  • Eco-friendly product.
  • Packaged in a recyclable paper bag printed with vegetable-based inks.
  • An alternative to products subject to the European Directive on single-use plastics