OCB and Monegros Desert Festival join forces for the third consecutive year to take the festival experience to new heights

This year, the iconic Monegros Festival plane is going to be converted into the OCB jet and will land in the Monegros desert on July 27, 2024.

This innovative collaboration is called High Club by OCB and promises to offer attendees a completely new perspective of the event.The High Club by OCB flights promise to offer their passengers an unparalleled experience while they enjoy music and the desert landscape from above with special sets and international DJs.

The collaboration between OCB and Monegros Festival reinforces the commitment to music, creativity and the constant search to offer its audience memorable experiences, that never ceases to surprise and delight its attendees.

In summary, the Monegros Festival 2024 with the High Club by OCB promises to be an unforgettable experience, fusing music, technology and adventure in an unprecedented celebration.

Get ready to take off and experience the festival like never before!