OCB and Sónar 2024 Partnership: Celebrating Music, Creativity, and Innovation in Barcelona

For the second consecutive year, OCB, is proud to announce its sponsorship of Sónar. This dynamic partnership will unfold on the 13th, 14th, and 15th of June in the vibrant city of Barcelona. Sónar Festival, celebrated globally for its cutting-edge music, creativity, and technological innovation, is the perfect backdrop for OCB’s commitment to fostering creativity and enhancing experiences.

The partnership between OCB and Sónar Festival goes beyond mere sponsorship. It represents a shared vision of fostering creativity and innovation. Both brands are committed to pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers. For OCB, this means continuously innovating its products to meet the evolving needs of its consumers.

This year the OCB booth is designed to be a creative oasis. This specially curated space will not only offer festival-goers a place to relax and enjoy OCB’s premium products but also to engage with the brand’s innovative spirit. The booth will feature product and merch sampling, giving visitors a chance to experience the superior quality of OCB rolling papers firsthand.

Sónar Festival, now in its 31st edition, is renowned for its eclectic lineup of artists spanning various genres. From electronic and experimental music to hip-hop and club music from around the world, the festival promises an auditory feast for its attendees. OCB’s presence at the festival underscores its deep connection to the music community, celebrating the cultural significance of music as a universal language that brings people together.

Join us in Barcelona from the 13th to the 15th of June for a celebration of creativity, innovation, and the unifying power of music, brought to you by OCB and Sónar Festival.