Sustainability, our commitment

At OCB, we work continuously to reduce our impact on the environment by developing more neutral products and adapting our production processes, involving all our employees and suppliers.

We do our best to decrease our consumption of water, energy and other resources, lower our waste and help fighting the climate change.

Our factory in Perpignan is certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

Our OCB paper ranges are designed in compliance with all the actual quality standards:

Sustainable harvested fibers
No bleaching processes
GMO free
No dyes

Sustainable fibers

All our papers are made from sustainable fibers, that can be wood, flax, bamboo and hemp. The hemp we use is even organically grown in France.

Biodegradable filters

Our Eco and Virgin filters are made from cellulose fibers (which means paper) from FSC ™ sources. They decay into natural materials that blend harmlessly with soil. But this doesn’t mean you can throw them around!


OCB only uses acacia gum and guarantees that it is natural, vegan, GMO-free.
We only work with suppliers that are involved in sustainable development in Africa.


For us, implementing eco packaging in OCB products is now a necessity. For example, we don’t use any magnet in our booklets, our packs have been printed with vegetable inks for several years, and they are always as compact as possible, with no extra big size.

Change only comes through continuous improvement

We work in close partnership with our suppliers to make sure they and their factories meet the most stringent requirements through product health, environment and customers’ safety.

For more information, go to our Inspired by Nature website.